Criminal cash funds dance groups in Falkirk

Falkirk Community Trust is to start a dance group for young people with additional support needs
Falkirk Community Trust is to start a dance group for young people with additional support needs

Money confiscated from hardened criminals to the tune of nearly £11,000 has been given to dance groups in the Falkirk district.

Youthlink Scotland has awarded £10,980 to three groups who deliver free dance-based activities for hundreds of youngsters.

The Dance at Denny High School project has received £2100 to establish a ‘Street Crew’ to help build team ethos through modern dance.

The project is aiming to engage with teenage boys who wouldn’t otherwise perform on a stage. Pupils from other schools in the area will also be encouraged to get involved.

Young offenders at HM Polmont are being encouraged to build self-esteem and confidence through the dance programme, which will result in an opportunity to perform at the ‘Go Dance 14’ event in Glasgow’s Theatre Royal.

Falkirk’s Barnardo’s was handed £5000 to run dance workshops with female young offenders that will include dance, theatre, acrobatics and circus skills.

Denny’s Project leader, teacher Anne McEwen said: “In Denny High, our motto is ‘Do It Dance’ and hundreds do.

“The aim is to develop communication, teamwork and leadership as well as performance skills through the medium of street dance.

“This group will become a tight knit unit with a strong work ethic, a clear focus and a performance goal at the end.”

Falkirk Community Trust was also dancing with joy after being given £3380 to give young people with additional support needs specialist weekly dance sessions called ‘Indepen-Dance’.

The trust’s Hazel Beattie said: “These young people have often been discouraged from taking part in any form of dance activity due to either perceived physical limitations or capability issues.

“We aim to use specialist dance artists to empower these young people and show them that dance is an activity and art form that anyone can be involved in.”

YouthLink Scotland awarded nearly £100,000 of CashBack funding to groups all over Scotland. Youthlink chief executive Jim Sweeney said: “We hope that the many organisations from Falkirk to Ayr, Musselburgh to Kilmarnock who have received money from the CashBack Creativity Dance Fund will be able to inspire more and more young people through participation in the arts.”

The CashBack for Communities programme reinvests proceeds of crime back into communities.