Wine bottle thrown at woman from car window

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A woman was almost hit by a wine bottle thrown from a car window.

The 43-year-old had been walking along Falkirk’s Northern Distributor Road on Saturday afternoon when a glass bottle launched from a passing car crashed at her feet.

Police who are looking into the incident, which took place at around 4pm, are keen to trace the driver and passengers of what is thought to have been a gold Corsa or Fiesta seen heading in a westerly direction at the time.

Sergeant David Bellingham, based at Falkirk Police Station, said: “A woman was walking on Northern Distributor Road on Saturday when an empty wine bottle was thrown at her from a car.

“Luckily the bottle didn’t hit her but it smashed near her feet.

“The vehicle is described as a small, gold Corsa or Fiesta, with AV62 possibly forming part of its registration plates.

“Please contact police on 101 if you have information relating to this incident.”