What is the Scotland Anti-Predator Alliance and how does it operate?

The Scotland Anti-Predator Alliance carries out the majority of its work online
The Scotland Anti-Predator Alliance carries out the majority of its work online

Although only formed at the turn of the year, the Scotland Anti-Predator Alliance (SAPA) has built up a network of volunteers who work to track down suspected and convicted paedophiles online.

The team consists of two co-founders who oversee training and support, three admins who run its social media accounts, four hunters who provide security on sting operations and ten decoys who pose as children online in an attempt to snare predators and groomers.

SAPA also responds to requests for support from citizens worried about a particular person in their community.

Billy McClelland, who co-founded the organisation, explained: “We get concerned members of the public writing in to our page, stating they have a suspected predator or a known predator living in their area and ask for our help to raise awareness of them.

“We take it on a case-by-case basis.

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“After receiving a report, we then look into it and confirm if the suspect has been charged and found guilty of sexual offences.

“If that is the case, we can then organise or advise locals on how to organise a peaceful protest so other local residents are made aware and they can take measures to protect their children.

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“Recently we had such a case in Grangemouth where local residents asked for advice on holding a protest, we gave advice and also attended on two of the days to give support.”