Warned to quit alcohol or face jail

Falkirk Sheriff Court issued warning (picture posed by model)
Falkirk Sheriff Court issued warning (picture posed by model)

A woman has been given a chance to avoid jail by giving up booze and getting her life together.

Stacey Anne Templeton appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court to be sentenced for threatening behaviour and making religiously offensive remarks on March 20 in Falkirk Police Station.

The court heard the 30-year-old was already subject to a one-year community order imposed for head butting a police officer during an abusive rant in Wallace Crescent, Denny, last April and had breached her bail by contacting her partner in Stirling Street, Denny, on January 30 this year.

In court her lawyer said Templeton, from 72A Herbertshire Street, Denny, had “taken the last few days to reflect” on her behaviour.

Stanley Quirk claimed: “Being held in custody has brought things into sharp focus. She has given herself a shake and wants to move on.”

The court was told Templeton still has 80 hours of unpaid work to do as part of the order she was placed on in 2016.

The lawyer urged Templeton be given a chance to complete that and stay out of prison. He said she had problems with alcohol – but wants to end that “relationship”.

Mr Quirk said she was “welcome to go back and live with her parents” – a claim confirmed by her father who was in court.

Sheriff John Mundy said he noted she “has not complied with anything imposed by the courts” – but decided to give her a last chance.

He told her: “I will not be thanked for this by the unpaid work department, however I’m going to give you a chance that another sheriff might not have been be willing to do.”

Releasing her on bail for reports, Sheriff Mundy continued sentence on the breach of the community order until April 20, but told her to make sure she has completed at least 28 hours by then.

He warned: “I don’t know if I’m setting you up to fail, but it’s up to you. The alternative will be jail sentences on both matters and you will go straight to jail on April 20 if these 28 hours have not been done.

“I would urge you to get your issue with alcohol and your relationship with your partner sorted out.”