Violent night in Kingseat

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A woman told a police officer she would make sure he never had any children if he came near her.

Natalie McNeil (26) assaulted the man, kicking him on the body, when he attempted to arrest her during a night of violence in Kingseat Avenue, Grangemouth. McNeil and Kelly Sneddon (30) had already attacked a woman at the council run emergency housing premises.

McNeil and Sneddon appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having admitted the assault they committed on September 18. Sneddon also admitted assaulting another woman and McNeil pled guilty to attacking the police officer.

Michael Maguire, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The two accused were living in the emergency housing at the time. The complainer was in bed when she heard a knock at her door,

“Both accused were outside and Sneddon became aggressive towards the complainer, who went back inside and closed the door, trying to ignore the accused. She later went into the communal bathroom and was confronted by both accused.

“They seized her by the hair and pushed her body. An employee became aware of what was going on and tried to break it up, but was kicked by Sneddon. Other staff then managed to intervene and police attended shortly thereafter,

“As McNeil was being placed into the back of the police vehicle she became aggressive and hit a police officer to the body. She bit him on the right forearm and said ‘if you touch me I will make sure you never have kids’.”

The court heard McNeil had actually been assaulted herself during the evening, being struck to the head and arms by a spanner.

Dick Sandeman, McNeil’s solicitor, said: “She was upset as you would imagine. She thought she was going to the police station to give a statement about the assault she suffered.

“When she got to the police van she was effectively seized upon.”

Gordon Addison, representing Sneddon, said she had a “sad background of abuse” and had been plagued by alcohol since she was 17.

Sheriff Derek Livingston placed McNeil, 55 Dervaig Gardens, Upperton, and Sneddon, 33 Gorrie Street, Denny, on a supervised community payback orders for two years.

McNeil was also ordered to complete 120 hours unpaid work within six months and Sneddon was told to carry out 150 hours unpaid work within nine months.