Vandalism fury after memorial desecrated

Vandals shoved the bus stop sign through the railings of the memorial in Bonnybridge
Vandals shoved the bus stop sign through the railings of the memorial in Bonnybridge

Mindless vandals showed no respect to ten war heroes when they jammed a bus stop sign through a World War II memorial on Thursday night.

The senseless act committed against the plaque, located just off Bonnybridge High Street, provoked a furious response from locals when The Falkirk Herald reported the incident online earlier this week.

The relatively small memorial, entitled Additional Names 1939 - 1945, lists men from the area from all branches of armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for freedom in the Second World War.

Facebook users were unanimous, the ten men – Lance Corporal W.A. Dalrymple, Private A. Anderson, Private D. Faulds, Gunner R.H. Thomson, Private G.W. Stewart, Craftsman N.M. Watt, Captain – deserved more respect than was shown to them on Monday night.

It was clear no thought was given to the families of these men when the offenders forced the metal pole through the railings of the memorial.

Kenny Hunter said: “Scum who couldn’t even lace the boots of those honoured by this memorial or any other.”

Sandra Johnstone said: “Absolute morons, hope their parents are proud of them. Time the penalty for these scum is made more severe.”

Susan Lynne Ferguson said: “They will never realise it’s these people who died to give them their freedom. Ignorant, pathetic, disrespectful thugs.”

Richard McMahon said: “An insult to the memories of the fallen and the people who devoted their time to making the memorial.”

Angela Little said: “Due to their lack of brain cells they couldn’t think of anything else to amuse themselves.”

Anyone with information about this senseless crime should contact police on 101.