Thug spat on motorist at Falkirk McDonalds drive through

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A chancer out of his mind on Valium tried to get a lift from a motorist at a McDonalds restaurant and spat in the driver’s window when he refused.

Kieran Robertson (20) then punched the motorist, who got out of his car, and spat in the face of a McDonalds staff member when she came out to try and resolve the situation.

Robertson, 64/14 Seaforth House, Langlees, was said to have taken around 30 or 40 Valium tablets before the 

Three months before the fast food fight he attempted to head butt a police officer because he did not want to be strip searched.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Robertson had 
admitted the assaults he committed at McDonalds, in Earlsgate Roundabout, Grangemouth on August 18 and Falkirk Police Station on May 26.

Procurator fiscal depute Samantha Brown said: “It was 11.15pm and the witness was parked in a space at a McDonalds drive through. He had his window down and the accused walked over to him and asked him for a lift.

“The witness refused and the accused spat in the man’s face. The witness got out of the car and confronted the accused and pushed him away from his car with one hand.

“The accused punched the man in the face. The witness swept the legs from the 
accused and restrained him on the ground as staff came out to assist. The duty manager got in between the accused and the witness and the accused then spat in her face.”

Roberston then ran off and was later arrested by police.

As for the earlier assault at the police station, the procurator fiscal depute said: “He objected to being strip searched and then attempted to head butt the officer, who moved back and there was no 

Robertson’s defence solicitor called the McDonalds attack an “unsavoury incident” and the court heard it was Robertson’s seventh assault conviction.

Sheriff Derek Livingston sentenced him to 200 days detention.