Thug head butted passer by

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A violent offender asked his victim – unlucky enough to pass him on the street – if he was giving him dirty looks and then head butted him.

Connor Kay (20) called out to the two people who had just walked past him and when they asked him what he said he accused one of them of looking at him in a certain way.

Then, without any warning or provocation, Kay slammed his head against one of the men’s heads.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Kay had previously pled guilty to the assault he committed in Kingseat Avenue, Grangemouth on October 21 last year. Ann Orr, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The complainer was walking along Kingseat Avenue with a friend and walked past the accused, who said something to them that they didn’t catch.

“The complainer asked his companion what had been said. The accused then turned around and approached them, saying something else. He asked the complainer if he was giving him dirty looks.

“He then head butted him on the head and walked off.”

Defence solicitor Murray Aitken told the court Kay had gone through a bad patch but had managed to stay clear of trouble since the assault.

He said: “Last year was not a good year for him. This incident that happened here dates back to October of last year and there has been nothing else outstanding for him since then.”

Sheriff John Mundy fined Kay, 18 Woodhill Court, Grangemouth, a sum of £315 and told him to pay it off at a rate of £10 per week.