Thug battered ‘Samaritan’ with a stick

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A violent young man turned on people who were only trying to help him and mercilessly beat one of them with a metal walking stick.

Scott Rae (23) repeatedly hit the 60-year-old man with such force he actually broke the walking stick.

The victim, who had been trying to help Rae find his mother, was left with a broken nose and a broken tooth for his trouble.

During his rampage, Rae also smashed the windscreen of the man’s car.

Rae appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having pled guilty to the assault and destruction of property offences he committed in Simpson Drive, Maddiston on December 12 last year.

Graham McLachlan, procurator fiscal depute, told the court Rae turned up at the premises looking for his mother, who had moved away. He then walked into the flat below and began terrorising two men staying there, one who was disabled.

Mr McLachlan said: “One of the men drove him to the accused’s partner’s address nearby, but there was no one in so they came back.”

Things turned nasty when Rae landed a punch on the 60-year-old and started to use the other man’s metal walking stick to beat him.

“The accused stood over the complainer and repeatedly struck him on the head, body and legs with the stick,” said Mr McLachlan. “It was done with such force the metal stick actually snapped.

“The accused said he was going to kill the man.”

The victim managed to get away from Rae and, sitting on the floor with his back to the living room door, managed to keep him out.

Rae went outside and was heard to smash the windscreen of the man’s car.

Rae later handed himself in at the police station saying he believed officers were looking to speak to him.

Defence solicitor Andy Bryson said: “His recollection of this incident is very patchy because of the amount he had to drink. They did their best to help him and he lost his temper and lost control of himself.”

Sheriff John Mundy said: “This was a terrible attack on someone who was only trying to help you.”

Rae, 5 Toravon Drive, Maddiston, was jailed for 27 months.