Threw full cup at officer

Falkirk Sheriff Court offered David Gauld a chance to stay out of jail
Falkirk Sheriff Court offered David Gauld a chance to stay out of jail

A man was arrested for repeatedly kicking a door then at a later date found himself in more hot water for throwing a cup of liquid over a female police officer.

Bradley McCann (29) appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court having admitted behaving in a threatening manner at an address in Tanera Court, Glen Village, on June 13, 2015. He also pled guilty to the assault he committed at Falkirk Police Station on July 24, last year.

The court heard McCann, 24 Tanera Court, was engaging with the community payback order he received for his offences, but he was warned by Sheriff Craig Caldwell that he must complete the outstanding hours of the unpaid work element of the order by July 13.

There were more than a few assault offences at court last Thursday.

Zackery Davidson (22) appeared from custody having admitted the assault he committed at an address in Mar Street, Alloa, on June 25 last year. Davidson, 23 Kingseat Avenue, Grangemouth, was placed in custody because he had been failing to engage with his community payback order.

Sheriff Caldwell said: “I hope you have learned your lesson of the consequences of your failure. You have served a significant period in custody so I’m going to bring this matter to a close.

“Your community payback order will be revoked and I will make no further order. You have another community payback order that is still to be completed and I suggest you do that.”