Three vehicles stolen from Falkirk and Bo’ness homes in two-day period

McAlpine struggled with police
McAlpine struggled with police

Brazen thieves stole three vehicles from addresses in Falkirk and Bo’ness in separate overnight raids.

Police are now urging homeowners and drivers to be extra vigilant and to safeguard their properties after crooks made off with high-value cars and a mini-bus at the weekend.

The Ford mini-bus was stolen from an address in Falkirk’s Carradale Avenue some time between Sunday, February 25 and Monday, February 26.

Thieves also struck the night before in Bo’ness at a home in Bonhard Way, where an Audi A3 was taken, and at another in Chestnut Grove, where a Volkswagen Golf was broken into.

Officers investigating these incidents say they are the latest in a series of vehicle thefts in the Falkirk district in the past three months, some of which have seen burglars use fishing rods and magnets to take keys from homes.

Community Sergeant Andy Angus, based at Falkirk Police Station, said: “There were three thefts of motor vehicles over the weekend, two of which involved house break-ins in Bo’ness.

“A Volkswagen Golf was stolen from Chestnut Grove after a glass panel was smashed and the keys were stolen.

“An Audi A3 was taken from Bonhard Way. Both vehicles were stolen overnight between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

“Entry was forced to the rear glass doors of the properties on both occasions.

“In the other theft, a Ford mini-bus was stolen from Carradale Avenue in Falkirk.

“The vehicle was taken some time overnight between Sunday night and Monday morning. It’s unclear how the mini-bus was stolen.

“Vehicle thefts have been going on for a few months and the thieves are targeting properties with high-value cars.

“They’re using fishing rods and magnets through letterboxes and it’s working.

“We would ask people to be aware of strangers walking about their street as the thieves will often survey areas before they steal.

“Please be extra aware of any persons in your street acting suspiciously.

“Anyone with concerns should contact police on 101.”