Terrible tantrums led to over a year in prison

An argument over car keys saw Laura Williams physically thrown out of her family home and arrested by police
An argument over car keys saw Laura Williams physically thrown out of her family home and arrested by police

A troubled young woman was thrown out of her family home for her tantrums and then sent to prison for her violent offending.

Laura Williamson (22) got frustrated with her mother for not allowing her to have car keys so she could go for a drive and she flew into a rage that ended with her in police custody.

Williamson’s offending also saw her punch another young woman and leave her with a bloody nose.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Williamson previously admitted behaving in a threatening manner at Broomfarm Steadings, Avonbridge on January 14 and the assault she committed in Marmion Street, Bainsford on June 4. She also pled guilty to failing to appear at bail appointments between June 29 and July 7 and in court on September 21.

Procurator fiscal depute Ann Orr said: “The accused asked her mother if she could use her car so she could go and see her friend for the evening. She was told no because she had to be up early for work the next day.

“The accused continued to demand the keys to the vehicle, shouting at her and calling her a cow.”

Williamson’s father and brothers had to forcibly remove her from the house and when police arrived they found her being restrained on the ground.

The court heard Williamson’s temper was once again evident when she attacked a woman in the street.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “The complainer was walking with friends when they noticed a group of females, including the accused. There was some apprehension meeting this group because there had been some dispute over the complainer seeing a young man.

“The two groups came together, there was an argument and the accused punched the complainer once to the face.” Williamson’s solicitor said her offending behaviour started at the beginning of 2015 for no apparent reason and she had a difficult relationship with her family.

He said: “Her behaviour is like a tantrum because she doesn’t get her own way.”

Sheriff Linda Smith said: “You have rejected help from your family and formed the opinion there is something different about you. The court has given you warnings before.”

“At 22 you should be well aware this behaviour cannot be tolerated.”

Williamson was sentenced to ten months and 163 days in custody.