Substance abusers in dock

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Sheriff Craig Caldwell had his hands full at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday dealing with alcohol and drug addiction-fuelled crime.

Liane Sherry’s alcohol problem fuelled her assault a member of staff at the Scotia Bar, Manor Street, Falkirk when she repeatedly threw glasses and other items at the woman.

Sherry, 100 High Street, Bonnybridge, admitted the offence she committed on December 28 last year.

Sheriff Caldwell said: “This was a serious and frightening attack on a lady who was only trying to do her job.”

He placed Sherry on a structured deferred sentence for six months and called for a review of her progress in three month’s time.

Kenneth Morrison (33), who was said to suffer from anxiety problems, admitted failing to give a breath specimen at Falkirk Police Station on October 16, 2016. Sheriff Caldwell banned Morrison, 18 Westpark Drive, Paisley, from driving for three years back dated to October 17, 2016.

Drug addict Alexander Robertson had pled guilty to stealing a bag containing a mobile phone and cash from Falkirk High Street on November 19 last year. Robertson, 131 Victoria Road, Falkirk, was assessed as suitable for a drug treatment and testing order, so Sheriff Caldwell put him on one for two years and called for a review of the order for February 23.

Sarah-Jane Coombs (38) admitted stealing a purse containing money and bank cards from Falkirk Council Social Work, Hope Street, Falkirk on November 1 last year. She earlier admitted obtaining Child Tax Credit between September 28, 2013 and March 6, 2015 when her children were in care.

Coombs, 77 High Street, Bonnybridge, was assessed as suitable for drug treatment, so Sheriff Caldwell placed her on a supervised community payback order for 18 months with a requirement to engage with drug treatment services and called for a review in three month’s time.

The court heard Jack Ferry (20) was actually a resonsible person when not drinking alcohol and is a father to a two-year-old child. Ferry, 13A Abbey Road, Riverside, Stirling, pled guilty to threatening behaviour and assaulting a police officer by repeatedly spitting on him at Falkirk Police Station on October 9 last year.

Sheriff Caldwell placed Ferry on a supervised community payback order for 12 months and a restriction of liberty order, with the condition he stay at home between the hours of 7pm and 7am, for four months.