Stanley’s knife was taken away

Sutherland verbally abused two female police officers
Sutherland verbally abused two female police officers

Female police officers were branded “tarts” before searching an angry arrestee who had a blade in his jacket pocket.

Stanley Sutherland (60) was furious he was being taken into custody by the officers because he felt other parties were more at fault than he was.

He claimed the knife that was found was something he used to help him prepare his own cigarettes.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Sutherland had pled guilty to threatening behaviour and possession of the knife at his 37 North Main Street, Carronshore home on August 22.

Michael Maguire, procurator fiscal depute, said: “It was 6.40pm and officers saw the accused shouting and swearing outside the address. There was an older female standing next door shaking her head.

“Police approached the accused and he was immediately aggressive towards them.”

Mr Maguire said he made offensive comments and was asked to watch his language.

Sutherland failed to take heed of the officers’ warnings and things escalated to such an extent he was arrested.

Mr Maguire added: “He was then given a pat down before being placed in the police vehicle and at this point officers discovered a yellow handled knife in the accused’s jacket pocket.”

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison said: “He was annoyed and offended by the situation. He was annoyed at the police officers putting their attention onto him rather than the person who was abusing him.

“The offending item is found in his jacket pocket – a jacket which had been in his house and he had to go back into to put it on to go to the police station. He uses the knife on an every day basis to cut papers and tobacco because he has issues with his fingers.”

The court heard Sutherland – who has memory and cognitive issues and initially claimed he was not fit for unpaid work and would not pay a fine – was now prepared to pay a monetary penalty for his offence.

Sheriff Derek Livingston fined Sutherland £280 to be paid at a rate of £15 per week.