Son took his anger out on dad’s fish after cash plea refused

Sheriff told the fate of the fish after their tank was attacked was unknown
Sheriff told the fate of the fish after their tank was attacked was unknown

Connah Jackson lost his temper with his dad when he refused to lend him £10 and took his anger out on the man’s fish tank.

After warning he would “wreck” it unless he got the money, he made good on his threat by picking up a brush and smashing the aquarium, causing gallons of water – and the fish – to spill out on to the floor.

As his dad called the police, Jackson went upstairs to wait for them to arrive.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court the next day, the 20-year-old first offender admitted reckless damage and abusive behaviour on March 15 and was released on bail after having sentence deferred to prove he could stay out of trouble.

But on June 7 he breached bail by going back to the family home at Corrie Avenue, Stenhousemuir, and this time demanding money from his mum. When she refused he started shouting and swearing and throwing stones at the window. The police were called and he was arrested again.

In court last Thursday, Jackson, from 64 Seaforth Road, Falkirk, was placed on consecutive community payback orders which will mean being supervised by social workers for 18 months and completing a total of 200 hours’ unpaid work in eight months.

Defence lawyer John Mulholland said: “He had never been in trouble before this. He has underlying problems including a drugs issue.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston, who was told there was no information available about the ultimate fate of the fish, warned Jackson the sentences were a direct alternative to prison.

He told him: “I’m not having people behave in this manner, first offender or not. You were given the opportunity of a deferred sentence but did not take it. Whatever your difficulties, I’m highly unimpressed by your behaviour.”

The sheriff said: “He was told not to go back to his parents’ house but did. It was basically a form of extortion. He threatens to do things unless he gets what he wants and then does it.”