Slamannan teen’s booze run to Redding Tesco erupts into racism and violence

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A teenager’s drunken celebrations ended with him in the back of a police van trying to bite a chunk out of a police officer’s face.

Daniel Waugh (18) had been dispatched to the Tesco store in Redding by his dad to collect more alcohol so they could continue their revelry, but he was so drunk he was refused entry and things went downhill from there.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday, Waugh, 56 Balquhatstone Crescent, Slamannan, admitted the assaults he committed on March 27.

Procurator fiscal depute Jamie Roy said: “It was 6.30pm and the witnesses, both employed by Tesco, saw the accused, who was under the influence of alcohol, enter the premises.

“They told him to leave and come back tomorrow when he was sober. He left, but returned a short time later and was again asked to leave the premises. He was followed by one of the security guards who wanted to make sure he was okay.

“At the front door of the store he began to shout abuse at the employee. He pushed his body against the other man’s body three times. The accused then tried to punch him. The security guard then restrained the accused, holding his arm while the other employee called the police.”

The struggle continued and Waugh began hurling racist abuse at the security guard.

Mr Roy said: “In the police van he tried to bite the police officer’s cheek.”

The court heard Waugh had five assault convictions.

William McIntyre, defence solicitor, said: “He hadn’t been drinking for a long time and had been making efforts to minimise his drinking. He was celebrating with his father, who sent him to the shop for more drink.”

Sheriff Craig Caldwell said: “This is your sixth conviction for assault and one of the offences was perpetrated against a police officer in the course of his duty.”

Waugh was placed on a supervised community payback order for 12 months and told to complete 240 hours unpaid work within six months.