Shirtless attacker went after John Dornion in Falkirk town centre assault

An alcoholic teenager attacked a man at a bus stop for no apparent reason other than he recognised him to be none other than John Dornion.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 1:07 pm

Brandon Thomson (19) asked Mr Dornion, who has had his own brushes with the law, to confirm his identity and then punched him – forcing Mr Dornion and another witness to take refuge inside a locked bus.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Thomson, 139 Merchiston Avenue, Bainisford, admitted the assault and behaving in a threatening manner in Upper Newmarket Street, Falkirk, on September 29.

Collette Fallon, procurator fiscal depute, said: “It was 9.20pm and the witness, who is 61-years-old, was sitting on a bench at the location, waiting on a bus. He saw a male he knew and engaged in conversation. At this time they both saw the accused walking towards them with his tee-shirt off.

“He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and began shouting at the two men, saying ‘Your name is John Dornion, isn’t it’ and then punched Mr Dornion to the head causing him to fall over.

“The accused walked away, but returned a few moments later and kicked Mr Dornion while he was on the ground. Both witnesses retreated and made their way towards a bus stance.

“The accused threw a glass bottle towards the witnesses which narrowly missed them and they managed to get on a bus, asking the driver to lock the door.”

Thomson left the area and police were contacted.

They traced him and while dealing with him he began to shout, swear and threaten them.

“He stated ‘I will find you when you’re off shift and smack you – you better watch your back’,” said the procurator fiscal depute.

The court heard Mr Dornion sustained a small cut as a result of the attack, but refused to give a formal statement to police.

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison said: “He’s 19-years-old and he appears to have a serious alcohol problem. He has become a functioning alcoholic. He has a very good job and spends most of his money on alcohol.

“Everyone knows who John Dornion is, but he says he doesn’t know John Dornion and he told police he has no idea if he said that during the incident.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston placed Thomson on a supervised community payback order for 18 months with the condition he attend for alcohol treatment and counselling. He also placed him on a restriction of liberty order so he must stay in his home between the hours of 8.30pm and 5am for the next six months.