Shieldhill Drambuie drinker smashed his glass on partner’s head

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A drunken argument over hidden wine led a man to violence and left his partner with blood pouring from his head.

After a booze-filled day – which also saw him consume a bottle of Drambuie – Shaun Smith (43) smashed the glass into the man’s forehead because he had hidden his wine supply and refused to give him any more.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Smith admitted the assault to injury he committed at his 9 Crosshall Place, Shieldhill home on November 26 last year.

Procurator fiscal depute Susan Campbell said: “The complainer had been residing with the accused as his partner for about a year. They were within their home address and the accused began drinking a bottle of Drambuie as the morning progressed.

“Both parties went into Falkirk town centre and returned at 5.30pm – at which point the accused continued to drink wine in his bedroom. The complainer removed his wine from the kitchen and hid it.

“The accused approached his partner and demanded more wine, which was declined.”

Smith called the police and told them he would “rip” his partner.

When officers attended they spoke to Smith and he agreed to go to bed. However, 30 minutes after police had left, he started demanding more wine from his partner.

“The complainer explained he wouldn’t be getting any more,” said the procurator fiscal depute. “The accused was holding an empty glass in his hand. He walked up to his partner and smashed the glass on the man’s forehead.

“The cut started to bleed and an ambulance was requested. The accused told police ‘It’s me – I need arrested. I glassed my partner’. His partner had a three centimetre cut to his forehead which was cleaned up and he didn’t require to go to hospital.”

John Mulholland, defence solicitor, said: “The couple have continued to reside with each other.”

Sheriff Simon Collins ordered Smith to complete 135 hours unpaid work within three months.