Sheriff bans pair for ‘stupid’ driving


Sheriff Craig Caldwell had to deal with two people who got behind the wheel of a motor car when they should have know better.

Martin Dolan (51) was “blootered” when he was found in his car in Camelon and Jonathon Scrimgeour (22), who had just been given a driving ban only weeks earlier, was stopped by police who noticed him driving erratically on a motorway slip road.

Both men appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court on September 15, having earlier pled guilty to their respective offences.

Dolan, 12 Gordon Place, Camelon, failed to give breath specimens on two occasions at Falkirk Police Station on January 29.

The court heard Dolan was seen sitting in his car playing loud music and he appeared to be under the influence of something. When police arrived at around 9pm the vehicle was parked up with its hazard lights on with the accused sitting in the driver’s seat.

It was stated he was “blootered” and later refused to give a breath sample when he was at the police station.

Defence solicitor Murray Aitken said: “He was heavily intoxicated at the time and doesn’t know why he refused to provide the sample. He has had a difficulty with alcohol for some period of time.

“It’s probably a good idea if he isn’t allowed near a motor vehicle.”

Sheriff Caldwell agreed and banned Dolan from driving for 18 months. He also fined him £400 and told him to pay it off at a rate of £20 per fortnight.

Scrimgeour, 44 Alloway Wynd, Larbert, drove while disqualified and without insurance on the M9, near Cadgers Brae, Polmont on August 21.

It was stated Scrimgeour was spotted by police on patrol after he drove over some chevrons. He admitted to the officers who stopped him he was banned from driving.

Martin Morrow, defence solicitor, said: “He got the riot act read to him by his family. He is still in employment and his father now has to take him to work. His family has him under some seriously strict control now.”

Sheriff Caldwell said: “You were disqualified from driving only a matter of weeks before you took the decision to drive your car again.”

Scrimgeour was disqualified from driving for 18 months and also placed on a community payback order with the condition he complete 120 hours of unpaid work in the community within four months.