Rumble with boxer leads to a tumble downtairs in Stenhousemuir

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Police had a real fight on their hands when they tracked down an amateur boxer hiding in a bedroom cupboard and then tumbled down a flight of stairs with him.

Mark Thompson (28) was hiding from officers because he had been just threatened to kill his partner after he claimed she had been having an affair.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Thompson had pled guilty to behaving in a threatening manner on June 7 and struggling with police officers in Balmoral Place, Stenhousemuir on June 8.

“The witness received a phone call,” said procurator fiscal depute Christina Kelly. “It was from the accused and, although the call was not abusive in nature, it caused her fear and alarm.

“She went to her mother’s address to make her aware of the situation and her mother then received a phone call from the accused. He was shouting aggressively and said ‘It’s true, she’s having an affair. I’m going to kill her – she’s dead.

“His partner was quite shaken by this since the accused was an amateur boxer.”

Thanks to a phone call from Thompson’s mother, police tracked him to an address, but there was initially no sign of him.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “The accused’s mother contacted police about her son’s erratic behaviour. Police found him hiding in a bedroom cupboard and he lunged at them and struggled violently as handcuffs were applied.

“He continued to thrash his body around and this resulted in what is described as a dangerous tumble downstairs as police officers and the accused fell down together.”

Thompson later told police he never threatened anyone and apologised for struggling with them.

The court heard alcohol played a “considerable role” in his actions on that particular day.

Sheriff John Mundy hit Thompson, 10 Striven Drive, Langlees, with a £400 fine to be paid back at a rate of £50 per week.