Rookie driver writes off first car in winter smash

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Just weeks after buying his first car, Jordan Mitchell was left counting the cost of his inexperience behind the wheel.

The rookie driver lost control on an icy farm road and left his motor on its roof.

Amazingly Mitchell and his passenger escaped serious injury in the smash, but the car was declared a write-off.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, the 20-year-old from 67 Ferguson Road, Denny, was fined £250 and had his licence endorsed with five penalty points after admitting driving without due care and attention and at excessive speed given the conditions on Castle Rankine Road, Denny, on November 23.

The court was told the accident had been reported to police at around 2.15pm.

They found the vehicle upside down and Mitchell and his passenger sitting nearby.

Officers confirmed the section of farm track he was driving on at the time was covered in sheet ice and it appeared Mitchell had hit the grass verge and a fence before tipping the car over.

He told them he was “just out in the country driving with his pal”.

Mitchell had originally pled guilty to the charges by letter, but had sentence deferred until Thursday for a personal appearance.

He told Sheriff Craig Caldwell he had passed his driving test in October 2016, but only bought the car a few weeks before the crash and was still paying for it.

He said he didn’t have an explanation for what happened, but admitted his policy had been cancelled the week before because he had not told his insurance company about the modifications he had made to the 10-year-old vehicle.

Sheriff Caldwell allowed Mitchell to keep his licence, but said: “You were probably driving too fast. There was significant damage to the car and there was a passenger involved, but happily there were no injuries.

“I’m not happy however that you were driving without insurance.”

Mitchell, a student with an income of £250 a month, will pay the fine at £5 a fortnight.