Redding teen caused parents and partner months of grief

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A teenage tearaway has been warned to start behaving himself or face more time in jail.

Between last November and this July, 19-year-old Argyle McClure smashed property in his parent’s home, assaulted his mother and father, threatened his partner, and breached his bail conditions by repeatedly going to her home uninvited.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday the rogue teenager was placed on a supervised community order for three years and given nine months to complete 200 hours unpaid work.

McClure, whose address was given as 52 Westquarter Avenue, Redding, was also made the subject of a restriction of liberty order and will be ‘tagged’ for the next six months to stay indoors between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Sheriff Derek Livingston warned him: “These orders are an alternative to custody. Misbehave again and the chances are they will be revoked and lead to more detention.”

McClure, who appeared from custody for sentence, threatened his parents in the family home at Wholequarter Avenue, Redding, on November 24 last year. After pulling photograph frames from the wall and smashing them, he repeatedly punched his dad on the head and pushed his mum to the ground.

After being released on bail he repeatedly ignored court orders to stay away from his partner by contacting her and going to her home in Whiteside Loan, Brightons, uninvited and refusing to leave. He also bombarded her with phone calls and was aggressive towards her.

Defence lawyer Stephen Biggam said: “He has been making problems for himself by breaching his bail orders again and again. There is a history of what his family has had to endure.”

The court was told McClure has mental health problems and was a drug user and some of the offences had occured while he was under the influence.

McClure’s progress with the community order will be reviewed on September 27.