Pupils’ party in Grangemouth broke out into a fight following argument

A home get together for school pupils turned into a brawl after an argument broke out between guests and neighbours.

Angela McNamee (39) and Thomas Beattie (19) became embroiled in a dispute with “drunk teenagers” which led to the latter raining blows on two partygoers.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, McNamee, 8 Coll Place, Grangemouth, and Beattie, 31 Cultenhove Crescent, Grangemouth, had pled guilty to behaving threateningly at a home in Craigleith Road, Grangemouth on April 6, 2018 by shouting and swearing.

Beattie had admitted assaulting a then 15-year-old boy by seizing hold of his clothing, pushing him and repeatedly punching his head and body, all to the teen’s injury. He also attacked a then 16-year-old boy by punching him on the head.

Violence erupted at the end-of-term do after guests spilled out into a garden area where there was an “exchange” of words. The parents of the teenage host returned from a walk around 8.30pm and heard McNamee claiming her children had been intimidated.

Procurator fiscal depute Susan Campbell said: “Things escalated from there and the complainer had gone into the garden to try to diffuse things.

“At that point the second accused grabbed the complainer and punched him three to five times in the stomach then pushed him and punched him five times on the left eye. The other complainer was trying to pull the second accused away and was punched on the left eye.”

Police were called after the victims returned to the property they had come from.

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison said his client, McNamee, was “sticking up for her daughter” after a drinks can was thrown at her head by “drunk teenagers”. Defence solicitor John Mulholland, representing Beattie, said his client had gone into the garden due to teens abusing his mother. Sheriff John Mundy admonished McNamee and fined Beattie £500, payable at £25-per-fortnight.