Prison for Falkirk clubber who clobbered man and fractured his jaw

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A nightclubber tried to act as “peacemaker” between two warring women but ended up throwing repeated haymakers that fractured a man’s jaw.

Calum Stevenson (30) tried to stop the females battering lumps out of each other at Storm, but when another man tried to do the same Stevenson turned on him and started raining down blow after blow upon his head – fracturing the stranger’s jaw in the process.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Stevenson had pled guilty to the assault to severe injury and impairment he committed outside the Meadow Street, Falkirk nightclub on June 11 last year.

Samantha Brown, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The complainer was out socialising in the early hours of the morning at Storm nightclub with his girlfriend. It was 2am and he made his way outside to the smoking area.

“He was on his own at that time but the area was busy and a fight broke out between two females. One of the women was with the accused at the time. The accused made efforts to intervene and stop the fight, as did others – including door stewards.

“The complainer tried to help stop the fight, but following this – and without any words at all being exchanged between the complainer and the accused – the accused attacked the complainer, repeatedly punching him on the head.

“He was punched a number of times and retaliated once by punching the accused to the face, which resulted in the accused falling on the ground. Door stewards then removed the accused from the smoking area.”

The incident, which was captured on CCTV, resulted in the victim, who had blood pouring from his mouth, being taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital and then Monklands Hospital for an operation to insert a permanent metal plate onto his fractured jaw.

It was stated the victim still suffers numbness in his jaw.

Murray Aitken, defence solicitor, said: “He does have genuine sympathy for the man. It really started between the two men over something that didn’t involve either of them. Two women were fighting and he was trying to act as peacemaker.

“A stranger appeared and was getting involved in things. It all happened very quickly. He misinterpreted the man’s actions and reacted in the manner he did.”

The court heard Stevenson, 31 Seaforth Road, Langlees, had a previous conviction for assault back in 2010.

Sheriff John Mundy said: “These were repeated punches to the head of this man who sustained a very serious injury. There was no element of provocation here.”

Stevenson was sentenced to 12 months in prison.