Police warning to Falkirk drug users

Police have issued a warning after several recent drug overdoses in the Forth Valley ?area were discovered to involve drugs known as street Valium.

By Jill Buchanan
Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 2:00 pm

The white and yellow benzodiazepines, commonly known as Valium, are being purchased from the street and not prescribed.

A police spokesman said: “If you are in possession of these drugs or selling them and we catch you, you will be arrested and charged.

“If you are consuming street Valium, or know someone that is, please be aware of the dangers. If you are using or know someone who is using street drugs and require help, you can speak to Signpost Recovery or call them on 01259 272 112.

Anyone with information about non-prescribed/street drugs – either possession or dealing – is asked to contact police on 101 or they can call Crimestoppers confidentially on 0800 555 111.