Police probe ‘dog attacks’ on deer in Camelon and Bainsford

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Police are appealing for help from the public in their bid to find whether deer are being hunted with dogs in fields around Camelon and Bainsford.

Reports suggest dogs could be involved in the killing of deer said to have been found in the area, and have stressed it’s a criminal offence to allow dogs to kill or even chase deer.

Last year police investigated several incidents of attempted deer poaching near Larbert High School and the Carron Phoenix works.

The criminals involved were prepared to inflict cruelty on animals, and at the same time meat taken from carcasses for human consumption was said to pose a clear health threat.

The poachers in that case were said to have been stalking the animals on waste ground between the school and Carron Phoenix.

Anyone with information about the latest reports is urged to contact police via 101 or email Forthvalleywildlife@scotland.pnn.police.uk