Police need video or photo evidence to snare hare coursers

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Police have urged anyone with evidence of illegal hare coursing in local countryside to get in touch, after alarming reports from around Stirling.

Hare coursing is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, carried out by dogs - typically lurchers - trained to hunt.

A Forth Valley Police spokesman said: “This is not someone going for a walk with their dog - this is an extremely cruel and violent activity where people are actively looking for a hare in a field - once the hare is spotted the dogs are released to chase and kill.

“Please be vigilant for any strangers walking with lurcher type dogs near or in their local fields.

“If you are at a safe distance take video footage or pictures on your mobile phone.

“Note any vehicle registration numbers and gather a general description of the person and dogs”.

Anyone with such information should then contact police via 101, giving a good description of the area where they think hare coursing is taking place, or being planned.