Police in Falkirk warn drink drivers

Chief Inspector Davie Flynn is warning drivers not to drive after having drinks
Chief Inspector Davie Flynn is warning drivers not to drive after having drinks

Police in Falkirk say action will “swift” against anyone found drink-driving during the festive season.

Local officers will be taking a hard line on the offence as worrying research shows that even having one alcoholic drink before driving makes you three times more likely to die in a car crash.

The Scottish Government is also lowering the drink-drive limit to bring Scotland into line with most other European countries and drivers are being warned they face an increased chance of being stopped and breathalysed at this time of year.

Chief Superintendent Davie Flynn from the Forth Valley division said: “As we head towards the festive season, we are sending a clear message that we will react swiftly to any information we receive about anyone who gets behind the wheel while under the influence, and anyone who does so can expect to lose their license, and in some cases, lose their vehicle.

“Drinking and driving can have devastating consequences on everyone who uses the roads, whether driver, cyclist or pedestrian.

“Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe, and this includes road users whose lives are put at risk by those who drive while under the influence of drink or drugs.”

Police Scotland is also encouraging people who suspect anyone of drink or drug driving to contact them to help prevent the risk of more deaths on the roads.

Mr Flynn added: “We will continue to focus our resources on keeping our roads safe and would urge the public to play their part by telling police about anyone they suspect of drink or drug driving.”

Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill said: “Our priority is to save lives. But some drivers are still not heeding the warnings and around 30 people are killed every year in Scotland due to drink driving.”