Police hunt for ‘Falkirklad’ who posted pictures of women on sleazy website

The forum in question.
The forum in question.
  • Pictures accompanied by derogatory and sexist comments
  • Latest posts feature pleas to deactivate account
  • Police say they’re following ‘positive line of inquiry’

An adult internet message board is being used to share pictures of unsuspecting women from the Falkirk district.

The forum, which The Falkirk Herald has decided not to name, allows registered members to post images they have copied without permission from social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

Non-consensual sharing of intimate media - or so called revenge porn - is a form of abuse and we know police take this issue seriously

Scottish Women’s Aid spokeswoman

One member, using the pseudonym ‘Falkirklad’, has posted dozens of pictures of women since 2013. Many are accompanied by derogatory and sexist comments.

He also claims to have amassed a large collection of images. In one message he boasts to other members: “love falkirk girls got hunners to trade”. In another he said: “Av got a lot of falkirk girls like if anyone wants to swap local only.”

The unidentified ‘Falkirklad’ posts the images along with the subject’s full name.

Other members brag they have sent offensive messages to the victims as a result.

The sleazy individual also shared one image - an apparent computer screengrab - which shows a list of the 125 women he claimed to have pictures of.

In a post he explained they were collected from friends who had split up with their partners, as well as from his own ex-girlfriends - a practice commonly known as ‘revenge porn’.

“If someone has shared, or threatened to share private, intimate images, texts or files without your consent, there is help available,” said a spokeswoman for Scottish Women’s Aid.

“It is not your fault, you did nothing wrong - Women’s Aid is here to support you. The only person who is a fault is the person who abused you in this way.

“Non-consensual sharing of intimate media - or so called revenge porn - is a form of abuse, and we know Police Scotland take this issue seriously.”

Whoever is responsible for ‘Falkirklad’ appeared to be panicking this week.

The last dozen messages posted under the name were appeals to the website’s moderator for the account to be deactivated, in an apparent attempt to conceal their tracks.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Falkirk are following a positive line of enquiry in relation to a complaint made against a website.

“Police will continue to thoroughly investigate reports of online crime and take appropriate action.

“There are a number of steps that can be taken to better protect members of the public when online.

“These include; updating security software, avoid risky websites, always change default passwords and don’t respond to unsolicited e-mails or telephone calls asking for personal information.”