Police faced an axe-toting teen

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A teenager held an axe above his head and warned police officers to get out of his house.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been left in charge of an infant at his home in Glen Village when police officers came calling.

The teen, who had been holding a child, put the tot down and picked up an axe, holding it above his head and telling them to leave.

Police quickly withdrew and called in back up and the teenager was eventually persuaded to give up the axe, which was apparently in the home to chop firewood.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, the youngster admitted the assault on police, brandishing a weapon at them on November 15 last year.

Ruaridh Ferguson, procurator fiscal depute, said: “It was 8pm and police were called in relation to a disturbance. They knocked on the accused’s door – he was holding a child and upon seeing police officers he put the child down, picked up an axe, raised it above his head and brandished the axe at the officers, saying ‘get the f*** out my house’.

“More units were called and he eventually put the axe down.”

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison said: “He was left in charge of the child when his mother went to see a neighbour. There was an issue outside the premises with neighbours. “He was actually at the top of the stairs when police were coming in the door and there wasn’t any attempt by him to get near the officers.

“A significant number of police were on the scene because of what was happening outside. He was basically scared and reacted to the situation in front of him at the time. He accepts what he did was outrageous.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston said: “I’m not having people brandishing an axe at police officers who are only doing their job.”

The teenager was placed on a supervised community payback order for two years with the condition he complete 140 hours unpaid within six months.