Police crackdown on rowdy teens at Falkirk’s Helix Park

Pic Lisa McPhillips 14/09/2013'Open Day at the Helix, Falkirk
Pic Lisa McPhillips 14/09/2013'Open Day at the Helix, Falkirk

Police are cracking down on teenagers who have been gathering to drink alcohol and fight at Falkirk’s biggest tourist attraction.

The good weather has seen huge crowds gather at the Helix but not everyone is there for a good time.

Police Scotland have confirmed they have been taking increasing calls from the public about anti-social behaviour at the multi-million pound park and as a result are increasing patrols.

Last week officers attended to deal an assault and they regularly give safety advice to youngsters swimming in the lagoon and canal, despite signs throughout the park telling people not to go in the water.

Michael Gault visited with his toddler son last week for the first time and was left disappointed.

He said: “I had to break up a fight between some teenagers and there were lots of people drinking alcohol and jumping in the water. There were no police or Helix staff around and it was an intimidating environment.”

Police Scotland say they are monitoring the situation with Falkirk Community Trust, which operates the park, to ensure it’s a safe environment while Scottish Canals confirmed it is posting extra security guards and has installed new fencing and warning signs to keep people out of the water.

Inspector Paul Rollo from Police Scotland added: “We are aware of issues surrounding the safety and behaviour of children at the Helix and are taking increasing number of calls from concerned members of the public. There are risks associated with entering the open water and we ask people to refrain from doing so.

“We also ask parents to take responsibility and remind children of the dangers of playing in water.”