Pest called in the cops then spat on them

A waster who constantly called the emergency services for no reason pushed ambulance staff and spat on police officers when they arrested him.

Allan White (28) called paramedics and police to his house on two occasions to help him and each time he turned on them, attacking them physically and verbally.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, White had pled guilty to assaulting the ambulance staff in Preston Avenue, Linlithgow, on March 25 and the assaults – by spitting – on police officers at Falkirk Police Station on May 30.

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White’s use of the 999 emergency line resulted in an ambulance calling at his home.

Samantha Brown, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The ambulance was asked to attend a call – the accused said he had taken an overdose. There was no response at the door so the fire service was requested to assist in gaining entry to the property.

“On entering they saw the accused on a sofa – he was unresponsive to any attempt to rouse him. He appeared to be unconscious at that stage. He came to eventually and the ambulance staff said he should go to the hospital.

“He began acting aggressively towards them and they made a decision to leave the address as a result of his behaviour and demeanour. They tried to leave the living room and the accused pushed one on the shoulder.

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“Given his conduct police were contacted and he was taken to hospital and discharged without treatment.”

Two months later White was at it again, calling the emergency services to help him, but this time police accompanied ambulance staff to the address.

“It was clear the accused was heavily under the influence of alcohol,” said the procurator fiscal depute. “Officers asked him why the ambulance was required and it became clear there was no immediate medical attention necessary.

“Police left the address and the accused made another call, causing ambulance staff and police to be dispatched once more. He made allegations about a female police officer touching him inappropriately and began shouting she was a slag.

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“He then engaged in a tirade of abuse towards police officers. He was taken to the police station and placed in a cell. He rang the bell for assistance and, as two officers entered, the accused spat directly in the face of one of them and on the arm of another.”

Defence solicitor John Mulholland said: “On May 30 he just found out his father had passed away and he took too much alcohol and too many substances.”

Sheriff Craig Caldwell said: “This is abhorrent behaviour. On these two occasions you have made use of a number of emergency services, thereby depriving other people who may have had genuine need of these services.”

White, 34 Thirlestane, Bo’ness, was sent to prison for 10 months back dated to May 31.