Pervert touched girl (14) on leg

Cowan was on board a bus when he subjected the 14-year-old girl to his sickening advances
Cowan was on board a bus when he subjected the 14-year-old girl to his sickening advances

A pervert with a penchant for young girls sat beside a 14-year-old on a public bus and proceeded to touch her and talk to her in a sexual manner.

Mark Cowan (44), 56A Broad Street, Denny, subjected the youngster to his odious presence, talking to her about sexually explicit matters and then rubbing her leg.

This was the third time in under seven months Cowan had made a youngster under the age of 16 a target for his sick advances.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Cowan previously admitted the offences he committed on the Newmarket Street, Falkirk to Glasgow Road, Denny bus on December 29 last year.

He pled guilty to engaging in sexual activity and making inappropriate sexual comments.

The court heard the recent escalation of Cowan’s deviant behaviour may in fact be the result of a brain injury caused by his alcohol abuse.

Defence solicitor Andy Bryson said: “He is suffering from severe disinhibiting behaviour and has a binge drinking problem. He is waiting to see if he is actually suffering from an alcohol-induced brain injury.”

When the prosecution tried to put forward an order banning him from being intoxicated by alcohol or any other substance while in a public place, Mr Bryson argued against it, stating the laws on what intoxication means – from drinking one can of lager to being completely legless – were quite vague.

Sheriff Derek Livingston said: “I’m more concerned with the safety of 14-year-old girls than your client’s right to drink.”

The sheriff decided not to go ahead with the order, believing Cowan to be subject to enough restrictions already.

In sentencing Cowan, Sheriff Livingston said: “This is the third sexual offence you have committed within the past seven months involving young people, one of which involved a male under 16, but the others involved young females.

“It’s clear from the report you are a danger and the public needs to be protected.”

Cowan was sentenced to ten months in prison back dated to January 2 and made subject to a sexual offences protection order preventing him from approaching any female child under the age of 16 for five years.

He was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for ten years.