Payback time for drug dealer

Callum Hill was caught with cannabis
Callum Hill was caught with cannabis

Police searched Callum Hill’s house in Redding and recovered cannabis.

Officers also found text messages on his mobile phone that led them to believe he was involved in the supply of the drug.

Falkirk Sheriff Court was told last Thursday the 20-year-old told them: “I got it for other folk. I don’t sell it, I just pass it on.”

The explanation left Sheriff Craig Caldwell less than impressed.

He asked: “He was engaged in the charitable distribution of drugs to his friends?”

Defence lawyer Murray Aitken claimed: “He got himself caught up in something he did not realise was as serious as it is, but he does now.”

Hill, who now lives at 60 Gairloch Crescent, Redding, was placed on a community payback order and told to complete 140 hours unpaid work in three months.