Parking peril at Wheel

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Visitors to The Falkirk Wheel could find the closed sign up on car parks around the tourist attraction.

In a bid to clampdown on boy racers, there is now no entry allowed at the top parking area on Millennium Drive between 9pm and 6am.

The car park on the other side of the Forth & Clyde Canal on Scottish Canals site is also closed off overnight.

Police are warning that anyone caught breaking the traffic prohibition order face a £50 fine.

But now a Camelon councillor is calling for further action to be taken, saying people living nearby have had to put up with the problem for too long.

Councillor Dennis Goldie said: “A minority of these drivers, mainly young people, are making life a misery for residents in this area.

“While I welcome the latest action, I believe that it is not enough.”

He added that souped up cars were also making so much noise some neighbours were concerned that there had been gun shots.

“It’s ridiculous that people should be disturbed in this way by a handful of motorists.”

Mr Goldie said he was be urging the authorities to consider also closing off the car park in the evenings which is adjacent to The Wheelhouse restaurant.

He said: “The Wheel is a fabulous attraction but the people living next to it have had to put up with so much over the years from the construction stage through to the large number of visitors arriving daily. More needs to be done to deal with this latest problem.”