Pair pay price for attack in Grangemouth take-away

The McDonalds where the assault took place
The McDonalds where the assault took place

A customer in a fast food outlet complained about the behaviour of a group also waiting in the queue.

But two of them, Andrew Bell and Alexander Kerr, took exception to being asked to quieten down and assaulted him.

When they appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court the pair were ordered to pay their victim £400 compensation for the attack in the McDonalds Restaurant at the Earlsgate Roundabout in Grangemouth on August 29 last year.

Bell (20), 59 Dundas Street, and Kerr (19), 55 Almond Street, both Grangemouth, were part of a crowd in the popular takeaway acting in a “rowdy manner”.

At an earlier appearance they had admitted assaulting Dylan Jenkins by punching him on the head.

Defence lawyer Murray Aitken said: “They were both really drunk and regret what happened.”