Paedophile tries to apologise to his 14-year-old victim

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A convicted sex offender made an apology to the 14-year-old girl he assaulted just before a sheriff sent his case to the High Court for a possible life sentence.

Andrew Angus (46) grabbed the terrified teenager and pinned her against a wall, striking her on the head. It was his second offence committed against a young girl in under a year.

Angus, address listed as HM Prison Barlinnie, appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff last Thursday having admitted assaulting the girl at a premises in Falkirk and breaching his sexual offences prevention order on April 9.

During proceedings Angus specifically had his solicitor Stan Quirk read out a statement of apology to the girl.

Mr Quirk said: “He wishes to apologise to the court and to the victim of this offence for his conduct. I feel the court’s powers are sufficient to deal with the matter by way of an extended sentence.”

Sheriff John Mundy said: “I have thought very carefully about this case and what the appropriate disposal is. The two choices are a lengthy custodial sentence with supervision or remit this to the High Court where a lifelong restriction to be made.

“The circumstances of this offence, the fact you have two previous convictions which involve offences in relation to children and you were subject to a sexual offences prevention order when you committed this offence lead me to remit this to the High Court.

“It is now up to the High Court to decide whether or not to impose a lifelong restriction.”

As a form of life sentence, an Order for Lifelong Restriction can only be imposed by the High Court.

It differs from a life sentence or a long determinate sentence because a risk assessment is undertaken prior to sentence. It is often used as an option for dealing with violent, life-endangering and sexual offenders who show a propensity to commit such offences.

Last year Angus subjected another youngster, who was under the age of 13, to a sickening assault when he groped her in Falkirk Howgate Centre on March 19 and also attempted to “chat up” three girls under the age of 12.

That offence saw him placed on a supervised community payback order for three years and ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work within 12 months and attend the Scottish Government’s Moving Forward: Making Changes treatment programme for adult male sexual offenders considered as representing a significant risk of committing similar offences in the future.

At that time it was said he was “clearly a very mixed up person” who was “ashamed and absolutely disgusted with himself”.