Over the limit lorry man fined £300 and banned for a year

A 26-year-old HGV driver has been fined £300 and handed a year-long driving ban after failing a breath test in Dunipace on Thursday .

William Walkinshaw was sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court after he admitted driving on the A82 while under the influence of alcohol.

Now Police Scotland are highlighting the case as a prime example of the dangers of going over the limit, at the start of the annual drink drive festive season enforcement drive.

Forth Valley Road Policing Inspector Andrew Thomson said: “Walkinshaw was not greatly over the limit but in the eyes of the law you are still a drunk driver and a criminal - there’s no grey area.

“I cannot stress enough that the best approach is none - that’s the only way to guarantee you are not over the limit.

“Throughout December we will be on patrol stopping and speaking to drivers in the Forth Valley area and across the country.

“Christmas parties are getting underway and I would urge people to make arrangements to not only get home safely from their celebrations, but also to get to work the following day.”

He added: “So many people who fail a breath test have been out the night before - they are putting not only themselves but all other road users in danger if they drive the next day whilst still over the limit.”