Operation Bullring aims to track down vandals

Stenhousemuir Cricket Club's ground has been damagedStenhousemuir Cricket Club's ground has been damaged
Stenhousemuir Cricket Club's ground has been damaged
Vandals have been targeting sports clubs in Stenhousemuir over the past few weeks.

Police are concerned about an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area with Stenhousemuir Cricket Club and Tryst Golf Club both suffering at hands of youths.

Incidents recorded include fires being set, trees and grassland damaged, and vandalism to the clubhouses.

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Sergeant Ally Goldie, of the Larbert commuity policing team, said: ‘‘This type of mindless vandalism is having an impact not only to the cricket and golf clubs, but also to the large areas which are used by the entire Stenhousemuir community.

‘‘Our team is carrying out dedicated cycle and foot patrols in the affected areas under Operation Bullring. Anyone found to be contributing to this anti-social behaviour will be dealt with.’’

Those involved have been identified as local youths of high school age and police are urging parents to ensure they are aware of what their children are up to when out and about.

They are also being encoraged to educated youngsters on the impact that such disorder has on the wider community.

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Sgt Goldie added: ‘‘We are aware that the offenders will represent a very small percentage of the children who are using the facilities in this area, however the assistance of the community is required to prevent this behaviour continuing.’’