One punch settles car park dispute

Andrew Scobbie and his victim clashed in the car park of the Coasters Arena which is home to Pennies Bar
Andrew Scobbie and his victim clashed in the car park of the Coasters Arena which is home to Pennies Bar

A fight in a pub car park ended with Andrew Scobbie flooring his opponent with one punch and permanently disfiguring him.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard that was all it took to end the altercation between Andrew Scobbie and Anthony Davie outside Pennies in Falkirk’s Grangemouth Road on November 1 last year.

In court last Thursday the 36-year-old narrowly avoided being sent to prison for assault.

Police arrested Scobbie, from 22 Westfield Street, Falkirk, after the attack and he was later charged on indictment with striking his victim on the head to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and permanent impairment.

He initially pled not guilty to the offence, but in October admitted an amended charge before the case went to trial and had sentence deferred for background reports.

Scobbie’s defence lawyer claimed: “What we are dealing with here is a single blow and in my submission a very low level of violence.”

Murray Aitken told the court: “This gentleman went outside to speak to Mr Scobbie and things got heated.

“It was quite clear this gentleman wanted to fight Mr Scobbie and Mr Scobbie accepts he got the first blow in and that caused injury.

“He left the scene immediately, however, did go back to check on the welfare of the gentleman and there was a further incident involving himself and others.”

Mr Aitken urged that given the background to what happened that night Scobbie, who was on bail from Falkirk Sheriff Court for another matter at the time, be given the chance to avoid jail for the offence.

Sheriff John Mundy was just persuaded.

As a direct alternative to custody he placed Scobbie on a community payback order with the added condition he complete 200 hours unpaid work within nine months.

Because he has had “problems” with the unpaid work elements of previous orders, Scobbie’s progress with this one will be reviewed on February 26.

The sheriff told him: “In the circumstances I feel I can deal with this matter without the need to consider a custodial sentence and I have reduced the hours because you pled guilty before this had to go to trial. It may only have been one punch, but it caused damage.”