Man told ‘the court means business’

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A sheriff hopes that a period of time in custody will have helped a Tamfourhill man to realise “the court means 

Martin Lacey, of 13 Kilbrennan Drive, appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday.

The 20-year-old had 
previously admitted a breach of his community payback 
order which had been 
imposed after he had used his uncle’s credit card to go on a £5000 spending spree in September and October last year.

He had also admitted that on December 26 at his home he sent text messages to Caitlin Rae that were threatening and abusive and he repeatedly telephoned her.

The court heard that in December Lacey had been short of cash and sent messages to a friend asking for a loan of cash. She had originally agreed to help him out but then changed her mind.

Lacey then sent her offensive and abusive messages and repeatedly tried to call her.

Defence solicitor, Lynn Swan, said: “It’s safe to say that this young man has made a right mess of things with the breach of the order and the new matter calling.

“He’s been in custody since February 26 and I think 
this has given him time to 

The court heard Lacey had only completed 14 hours of 
unpaid work of the 160 hours on the community payback order and had not paid 
£5000 compensation to his uncle, who has since passed away.

Sheriff Michael Fletcher revoked the community 
order and imposed a new one with 200 hours of unpaid work to be completed in 
six months, a period of 20 months supervision and £1800 
compensation to be paid.

Lacey was fined £200 for the case from December.

The sheriff said: “When the court imposes an order it expects it to be carried out.”