Man told police he had firearms in his Falkirk home

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An act of “bravado” saw a man gesturing with his hand pretending to hold a gun on police officers trying to gain access to his property.

Steven Watson (30) had “barricaded” himself in his house and told officers he had firearms.

He appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having pled guilty to behaving in a threatening manner at his 111 Thornbridge Road, Falkirk home on July 21. He also admitted sending threatening text messages to his former partner between May 25 and June 16.

Procurator fiscal depute Samantha Brown said: “He began conversing with police officers from an upstairs window, refusing them access to the property. He was swearing at them to come back with a warrant.

“Police officers warned him they would force entry and he stated he had firearms in the property, suggesting he would use them if police tried to enter and made gestures with his hand as if he was holding a gun.

“The accused’s girlfriend was also there and she eventually let police inside.”

Simon Hutchison, defence solicitor, said the incident at Watson’s house was a “great deal of bravado”.

Watson mentioned firearms again in threatening texts to his former partner.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “She received a text message from the accused which said she would cause herself trouble if she didn’t return his property. She received another message from the accused saying he was going to go out and assault an unnamed individual and he sent a photograph of a handgun.

“She was frightened because she was unsure if he actually did have possession of that weapon.”

Watson sent other messages calling the woman a “grass” and stated “snitches get stitches”.

Mr Hutchison said: “He accepts he went completely over the score with these texts.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston said he was concerned about Watson’s “fascination with gun imagery” and sentenced him to 294 days in prison.