Lonely letch jailed for sending filthy festive greeting to elderly neighbour in Grangemouth

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An x-rated message drunkenly scrawled on a Christmas card resulted in two months custody to the sender who claimed he was just being neighbourly.

Allan West (64) wrote the highly descriptive sexual act he wanted to perform on his neighbour below the standard message on a Christmas card and posted it through the woman’s door on Christmas Day afternoon.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard yesterday the recipient was “shocked and alarmed” and called the police.

Prosecutor Ann Orr said it was the second card the woman had received from West while home alone on Christmas Day, and she had been surprised to get one at all “as she doesn’t normally get on with him”.

West was arrested at home later that night.

Mrs Orr said: “He was interviewed under caution and admitted he had put both cards through her door. He was asked what his intentions were in sending the card, and he said ‘just to be neighbourly’.

“He was asked if it was an appropriate thing to write in a Christmas card and he said ‘no’.”

West, unemployed, of Bowhouse Road, Grangemouth, pled guilty to sending a sexual written communication without the recipient’s consent.

Murray Aitken, defending, said: “He was alone on Christmas Day and he was hoping for some company. Inexplicably, through alcohol, he has sent something which caused her to call the police.”

The court heard West had been held in custody since December 25 incident.

Jailing West for two months, Sheriff Simon Collins said: “I don’t think there is an alternative to custody.”