Learning opportunity for Bainsford domestic offender

A jealous ex made his former partner’s life hell by accusing her of having relationships with other men and then taking her car keys out of the ignition when she was trying to drive away.

Friday, 2nd April 2021, 9:37 am

Aaron Horne (33) appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court yesterday having admitted engaging in a course of conduct which was abusive towards his ex partner at various places, including Wilson Avenue, Denny, and outside Forth Valley Royal Hospital between February 12 and March 2.

At one stage he prevented her from closing her car door and then reached in and took the keys from the ignition.

Sheriff Derek Livingston noted Horne had no previous convictions for offences relating to domestic matters, but still believed he would benefit from being placed on the Caledonian domestic abuse programme.

Horne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court yesterday to answer for his domestic offending

He deferred sentence on Horne, 41 Union Street, Bainsford, for four weeks to April 29 to allow a Caledonian programme assessment to be carried out.