Larbert PC and his dog get bravery award for tackling crazed drunk

PC Brian Tennant receives his and Ozzy's award from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Kenny Smith
PC Brian Tennant receives his and Ozzy's award from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Kenny Smith

A policeman and his dog have received a bravery award after tackling a drunk man with a knife who was attacking a couple.

The officer and his companion responded to a call at a first floor flat where a man, who had been drinking, had assaulted a woman and another man with the knife.

The man then fractured a gas pipe and was threatening to ‘blow up the block of flats’ by igniting the gas and charged at PC Tennant and Ozzy who had entered the flat despite the risk of being attacked with a knife and being blown up. The man had also armed himself with a hammer.

Ozzy then took control of the situation when he was released and tackled the crazed drunk to allow PC Tennant disarm him and bring the incident under control, securing the safety of the other people in the flats.

Chief Superintendent Elaine Ferguson, Commander for Police Scotland’s Operational Support Division, said: “This was an extremely dangerous situation, which involved the acute risk of a gas fire igniting.

“PC Tennant took swift, brave and selfless action to prevent what could have been a potentially tragic event. It is fantastic to see one of our officers recognised by the First Minister and everyone in Police Scotland’s Dog Section and Specialist Services are extremely proud of the action he took.

“Congratulations to PC Tennant.”

The First Minister said: “The individual acts of PC Tennant and PD Ozzy are exceptional and they are worthy of special recognition.

“In Scotland there is a real sense of community and we must never forget how privileged we are to have such dedicated emergency professionals and members of the public, willing to assist even when their own lives are in danger.

“Hearing first-hand accounts of the bravery demonstrated during these events really drives home the incredible strength of character and the selfless acts undertaken.

“It’s vital for us to cherish and encourage that concern for others and we should be so proud of those brave men, women and young people.

“The awards are an opportunity for Scotland to say thank you to the Brave@Heart recipients, and indeed all those who were nominated. Their selflessness, compassion and courage is inspiring, and are an example to us all.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Constable Tennant showed undoubted bravery in taking action to prevent this man from harming himself, other residents and causing extensive damage to the block of flats.”