Langlees teen challenged victim to a fight 'out the way of the cameras'

A teenage offender was give on last chance to change his violent ways and stop his temper tantrums in houses, smashing crockery, punching doors and physically attacking people.

By Court Reporter
Sunday, 30th May 2021, 9:56 am

Young father Aedan Grice (19) was warned he had to grow up fast and stop his violent ways – which included punching someone behind an ice cream van after telling him to come away from CCTV cameras where they could be seen – to set a good example for his child.

Grice appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday having admitted an assault and behaving in a threatening manner in Seaforth Road, Langlees on January 19 last year. He also admitted threatening behaviour in Kilbrennan Drive, Tamfourhill on January 15 this year.

Procurator fiscal depute Rebecca Reid said: “The witnesses were in Seaforth Road and heard shouting coming from a window. The accused shouted at him ‘let’s go out the way of the cameras’ and then approached the two witnesses.

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Grice appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday and was given one last chance to change his violent ways

"The accused said ‘I’m not going to do it here, lets go somewhere the cameras don’t show’. All three males walked back in the direction of a shop in Seaforth Road, behind a parked ice cream van and the accused punched the witness to the head once.”

On another occasion Grice threatened a witness stating “next time I will get a baseball bat”.

The most recent offence in Kilbrennan Drive involved Grice’s partner, who he had been in a relationship with for four years and they had a 16-month-old child together.

"The witness was at the address on her mobile phone,” said the procurator fiscal depute. “She was scrolling through social media. The accused said she was messaging a guy who owed him money and thought the witness was plotting against him so he would ‘lose his head’.

"The accused then punched holes in the bathroom and kitchen doors. He said he was going to destroy the house and would break through all of the doors. He then stepped in front of her and pushed her to the shoulders four times.

"After that he picked up dishes and threw them across the room causing them to smash. He then left the address, leaving the front door open which allowed their dog to run out.

"The accused saw she was on her mobile phone and he said ‘you better not be on the phone to the polis – let me back in’. Later she heard banging on the living room and bedroom window and the accused shouting ‘let me back in’."

Police were contacted.

Murray Aitken, defence solicitor, said: “He is 19-years-old and was 18 at the time these offences took place. He needs to grow up fast and not set a bad example to his child.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston said this was going to be the last chance for Grice, 2 Torriden Avenue, Langlees, and placed him on a restriction of liberty order, meaning he must remain in his home between the hours of 7pm and 7am for the next six months.

The Sheriff said he found it unnecessary to make a non-harassment order in this case.