Langlees man struggled with police after argument with girlfriend

Stock pic: John Devlin
Stock pic: John Devlin

Over-reacting when police turned up at his home proved costly for a 30-year-old Langlees man when he appeared in court.

Calum Stevenson was hit with a fine after he “kicked off” at officers who were there after neighbours raised concerns about an argument he was having with his girlfriend.

When police arrived at 31 Seaforth Road, Langlees on October 6 last year, they discovered that his partner was wanted on a means warrant.

Graham McLachlan, procurator fiscal depute, said: “There was some discussion about money and police escorted him off the premises.

“He began to shout, swear and threatened to put officers through the window.

“Police were trying to calm him down when he said ‘will you leave before I kick off’.

“Officers requested back up and he was eventually on the ground being restrained.”

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard that when he was put in the back of a police van he continued to make offensive remarks, struggled, kicked the van and spat.

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison said his client realised that he over-reacted but he was unsure why the police were there as it had only been a very minor argument with his girlfriend.

He said: “Mr Stevenson made it quite clear that he was happy to pay the money. He admits that he made stupid comments but has already spent three days in custody for it.”

Sheriff John Mundy fined Stevenson £540 to be paid at £25 per week – but warned if he missed a payment he would spend 28 days in jail.