Jealous lover saw red then slashed his rival’s face

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A jealous husband hopped up on alcohol and steroids flew into a rage and slashed his wife’s lover in the face.

Leigh Barkham (36) had separated with his wife but the two still had contact. When he found out she was with someone else he rushed around to the house armed with a knife and took violent action against his rival, leaving him with a permanent scar.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court today, Barkham had admitted the assault which permanently disfigured his victim at Clydesdale Street, Bo’ness, on June 2 last year.

Frazer McCready, defence solicitor, said: “Although he is a first offender, he accepts this could mean a custodial sentence. He attended his wife’s home and it was as a result of this his attendance there this offence took place.

“Although the Barkhams were separated they continued to have frequent contact. On the evening in question he had taken alcohol and, at this time in his life, he was taking steroids for body building – he was a regular attendee at the gym.

“He discovered his wife had a man in the house and accepted the red mist came down – he was extremely jealous. He attended at the house. There was a bladed item in the car and he took that and regrettably struck the complainer on the face.”

The court heard Barkham continued to have contact with his daughter and had the support of his wife and his wife’s family.

Referring to Barkham’s alcohol and steroid use, Mr McCready said: “He realised he had a difficulty and has remained away from alcohol and steroids.”

He added Barkham was full of remorse and was “disgusted” by his behaviour.

“He is a man who will never end up before the court again,” said Mr McCready.

Sheriff John Mundy said: “To go into someone else’s house with a knife and attack someone with it to his permanent disfigurement will not be tolerated.”

Barkham, Muirepark Court, Bo’ness, was jailed for 20 months.