Jail for yob who posted humiliating snaps of ex

Caghal Coyne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court
Caghal Coyne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court

Christopher Watt took revenge on his former girlfriend by posting naked pictures of her on her Facebook page.

The “humiliating” snaps appeared just months after she had given birth to their daughter.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday the 28-year-old was jailed for six months for causing the woman fear and alarm.

The court heard Watt and his ex had started their relationship in 2014 and the child had been born in June 2015, but they had split up just 10 days later.

Soon after that she had received a photograph on her mobile phone which showed Watt naked and aroused with the message: “Miss me? This is for you.”

After that Watt, from 16 Abbotsford Drive, Bainsford, started to send her voicemail messages threatening if she did not allow him to see their daughter he would “get” her.

While she had ignored the earlier incident, the worried mum then reported what was happening to the police.

After they detained him he claimed: “There was an argument about money. I don’t know if I left drunk voice mail messages.”

But he did admit he had sent his sick snap and the message, and then posted naked pictures of her on Facebook.

When he appeared in court last month, Watt pled guilty to engaging in a course of behaviour between August 15 and September 6 last year that caused the woman fear and alarm by sending her text messages, repeatedly phoning her and making menacing comments and posting naked pictures of her on the social network.

He had sentence deferred until last Thursday for
background reports to be prepared and social workers to make a recommendation on whether he would be suitable for a restriction of liberty ‘tagging’ order and remanded in custody.

Sheriff Derek Livingston told Watt: “You set out to humiliate this woman and did so. This is a case of ‘revenge porn’ and will lead to a significant sentence.”

At the same court Iain Doyle (27), 25E Thirlestone, Bo’ness, was jailed for a total of 100 days for breaching bail by going to see his former partner in Little Denny Road, Denny, on September 9 and acting in a racially aggravated and threatening manner towards the police officers called to arrest him.

She had been outside smoking when she saw him walking in her direction and went inside to call her mum who called the police.