Jail for Bonnybridge man who lost his temper

A shopkeeper hit the alarm to contact the police after John White lost his temper and started to make threats.

White was sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court
White was sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court

At Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, the 20-year-old was jailed for a total of 254 days for his abusive behaviour outside Redding Mini Market on January 25 and breaching a community payback order on February 19 by shouting and swearing at his home, repeatedly kicking a door and making gestures towards the police when they arrived to find out what was going on.

The court was told White was a regular customer at the store in Redding Road and minutes before his outburst had bought some beer and been speaking to the man quite normally.

But that all changed suddenly and, after starting to shout and throwing some money down on the counter, he had to be ushered off the premises by another customer.

Outside, he continued to shout and swear and threaten violence. As the owner hit the panic button to get help, White kicked the door and threw a bottle at the window, smashing it and causing over £200 of damage.

When the police arrived they found the shopkeeper “extremely upset”.

White, from 31 Laburnum Road, Bonnybridge, appeared from custody for sentence having been remanded on June 12 for breaching the order.

Defence lawyer Murray Aitken said: “There was an aid of bravado about him before, a suggestion he does not care about things, however he has not enjoyed being remanded in Polmont and that bravado is not there today. He has found prison difficult and an uncomfortable experience for him.”

Mr Murray urged the community order be allowed to continue. He said: “He tells me he will comply and asking for a further opportunity to complete the outstanding hours.”

Regarding the incident at the mini market, Mr Aitken added: “He has no explanation about why he behaved in the way he did.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston said he had doubts White would co-operate with the community order and complete the required hours of unpaid work so revoked it.

He told him: “The shopkeeper must have been terrified by your behaviour.”